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Hi! I'm Katy.

I'm wife to Jordan, and mama to two beautiful children:  Colton and Avery.  I'm also a teacher, and help at my family's cave (yes, a cave) in the summers.  

I love life, traveling, and spending time with my family. 

My son, Colton, passed away at 10 months old from a severe congenital heart defect.  He has left a forever hole in our family, but I started Colton's Kindness to remember his joyous life while he was here on Earth.   In his memory, we send care packages to mothers of loss that include a special memorial necklace with their child's name.  We partner with Hendersweet jewelry to create these beautiful pieces.  We also work toward supporting the Riley Hospital Cardiovascular Floor during Christmas with a toy drive.  Colton's Kindness' mission is to spread kindness, love, and provide support for others in my son's memory.

When you lose a child, you see life differently.  You truly treasure the moments and adventures that are happening in the present.


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